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DOOREME decreases Media’s dependence on intrusive advertising in favor of more consumer-accepted, less intrusive, engaging, measurable and targeted advertising model with higher ROI and revenue streams. DOOREME streamlines the engagement between consumer, advertiser and media provider while satisfying their needs. This approach shifts consumers’ perception of push advertising from being a nuisance to a now appreciated service and reemphasizes the strategic values of ad-supported media. Advertisers and Agencies gain focused consumer messaging with opportunities for extended consumer engagement that solidifies an ad spot’s impact, data measurement, analysis and cost effectiveness. Programmers and Distributors can revolutionize the effectiveness and efficiency of their ad spots across all media distribution channels while positively decreasing the “tune out” issues of old style video ad spots. 




  • Aggregated entertainment content for greater convenience

  • Easy access to products, services and other info on TV

  • Extended access to content and ads beyond broadcasts

  • Visual IPG, simpler content search and navigation

  • Practical “lean back” e-commerce solution on TV

  • Reduced ad intrusions and option to dismiss undesired ads

  • Time flexible and user-controlled ad management and engagements

  • Ad engagement without sacrificing program content viewing

  • Simpler tools for personalizing viewing preferences

  • Cross media device sharing of content


  • Extended ad effectiveness and cost efficiency beyond ad spot

  • Drives broader awareness and direct response ad campaigns

  • Validation of ads watched and engaged, not just served

  • Improves consumer engagement, targeting and insights

  • Captures direct e-commerce engagements on TV

  • Allows on-demand access to TV video ads

  • Offers easy access to expanded video information

  • Expands TV inventory for low ad budget advertisers

  • Drives flexible cross-media and social promotions

  • More effective contextual and native advertising


  • New and improved media revenue streams and higher CPMs

  • Targeting and direct user insights without intrusive, costly measures

  • More captured e-commerce activities on TV

  • Expanded advertiser pool, participation and inventory sales

  • Enhanced user engagements by restructuring ad breaks

  • Increased consumer satisfaction and stickiness

  • Validation of ads watched and engaged, not just served

  • Improved cross-media interactions and contextual ads

  • Extended ad effectiveness beyond inventory run time

  • Non-inventory based ad sales and revenue