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             DOOREME (pronounced like the musical notes) is a media tech company with a differentiated, unique class of integrated Marketing & Advertising technology. It offers a new, holistic approach with simple tools that empower organic engagements through Next-Gen-TV by placing the consumer in control of their experience. The future of Television (including streaming) and Advertising will now be personal, engaging and non-intrusive.


DOOREME introduces  five symbiotic  B2C & B2B2C media solutions that seamlessly merge television, mobile and digital experiences into a one-stop shop.  This new and patented platform offers a comprehensive solution that satisfies the media ecosystem and facilitates interactive and more impactful media and e-commerce services while improving the overall consumer engagement experience. DOOREME can help media reverse the trends of “cord-cutting” and “never-cording” and attract consumers and advertisers back to TV.



DOOREME’s proprietary modules,  AdStamps™  and  AdTrack™, capture viewers of TV, OTT and mobile ads and facilitate deeper engagement with the more decisive tools and resources of our marketing technologies,  AdPort™  and  AdVantage™.  AdVisor™  provides unparalleled measurement and market insights without the hassle of costly and intrusive measures of traditional targeting.

DOOREME enables:

  • Consumers to personalize content access and navigation in a simpler and faster fashion across all media devices and to enjoy a more interactive, dynamic and less intrusive advertising consumption experience.

  • Media providers to extend advertising reach and performance and increase revenue.

  • Advertisers to optimize ad spend ROI through captured market and campaign insights in real-time, transform marketing approach across all channels, and facilitate consumer conversions.

The results bypass media’s complexities and remove existing limitations that cause dissatisfaction and consumer wariness. DOOREME has developed its proof-of-concept and received endorsements from a number of media and advertising experts. For more detailed information or to arrange a test-drive, please contacts us via

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