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The Future of Television Should Be Personal & Engaging

DOOREME attains a broad vision and has incorporated developing advanced TV capabilities, blending linear and digital inventory, and bridging traditional and mobile TV experiences into a one-stop shop. This patented technology platform offers a portfolio of content and advertising products with simpler search and discovery tools and new media monetization models that maximize cash flow and support a more unified sales and operationally efficient organization. Advertisers can now have a broader marketing reach to a larger and more diverse audience to shift viewer awareness to conversion and drive greater ROI from marketing campaigns.

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Consumer internet behavior, where the consumer is in control, demonstrates that users will engage with ads via simple clicks, and in doing so, they accept activity-based personalized data collection. DOOREME enables consumers to organically engage with TV ads via simple clicks, and through the incorporation of personalization features, the insights gained maximize ad relevance without the hassle of invading their privacy through extreme targeted advertising. The consumer can now be in full control of their TV experience!

This solution bypasses the complexity and intrusiveness of other media tools and surpasses their effectiveness, while allowing DOOREME to operate more profitably than competing solutions. It fills current service gaps with a wider range marketing features and drives TV, digital advertising and e-commerce performances that exceed current ROI standards.


  • Seamless integration between TV and digital properties

  • Extends the duration of ad impact and enables simple interactivity

  • Option to create individualized consumer profiles that enable more effective targeting

  • Focuses on organic engagements vs extreme targeting to improve ad performance

  • Standardized engagement page UI facilitating consumer action without interruption

  • Provides anytime available access to additional, longer format of video infomercials

  • Video repository for easy and quick search of all stored ads and other information