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AdStamps™ is a TV-based ad model integrated with linear TV, streaming, contextual and digital ads displayed as postage-sized visual aids. They digitally attach to video ads and appear on screen during ad breaks to showcase upcoming ads in preview. AdStamps employs a unique distribution technology and display technique to make ads more noticeable and anticipated, while also making them easy to engage and recall by consumers at a more convenient time across any device. This powerful content engagement tool empowers consumers to match their purchasing interests to the actual commercials they view. This process is done through simple engagements rather than through theoretical and complex data algorithms.  

AdPort™ is a content and ad repository that serves as an advanced, intuitive navigation system and virtual products mall. TV viewers can search and discover video content and ads and transition from awareness to purchase through a seamless conversion methodology. This unique web-based ad solution simplifies consumers’ engagement with products, services, entertainment, and other content on connected TVs and devices. It employs innovative silo structures and visual display techniques to curate and display content, and it enables advertisers and providers to capture more timely and targeted consumer opportunities. 

AdTrack™ is DOOREME’S contextual advertising model, offering similar features and benefits as AdStamps.  AdTrack is a powerful content engagement tool that increases access to and the consumption of content. It expands the sellable ad inventory and reduces ad intrusion while boosting ad ROI.

AdVantage™ is a standardized engagement tool enabling the consumer to quickly access additional relevant information on TV, digital, mobile, as well as contextual and native ads, from viewing a marketing video to executing an e-commerce transaction. This shared resource provides advertisers significantly higher conversion rates and ad spending ROI. 

AdVisor™ is a powerful analytics tool that advances the science of market insights and ad analytics. Its capabilities cover a broader spectrum of market activities on an individualized consumer basis on TV and online. It more accurately measures the performance of promotional material and determines the value of distribution channels compared to most traditional measurement tools. AdVisor™ provides the following advantages: 

  • Generates “real-time”, granular, market insights while protecting consumer privacy

  • Provides consumer interaction data, ad and media performance analytics

  • Provides cross-media platforms ad performance measurements

  • Reports data on a potentially larger audience than Nielson, STB or other measurements 

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