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DOOREME is distributed via MVPD and other media channels or directly to consumers on connected TVs, bypassing formal MVPD distribution, while achieving the same results for the consumer, advertiser and programmer. 

CONSUMERS utilize DOOREME at no cost and does not require at-home installation. Consumers can access the platform through participating traditional MVPD distributors or can download the app via their TV or mobile devices.  

MARKETERS can utilize DOOREME's online DIY tools – with or without the help of an agency – to reallocate their resources to deploy better ad campaigns and substantially improve marketing performance, ROI and savings. Whether the consumer chooses to engage or not, marketers still gain increased value from the presence of the AdStamps.

ADVERTISING AGENCIES utilize DOOREME’S marketing tools and easy electronic sign up to help marketers develop more successful ad campaigns. 

PROGRAMMERS utilize DOOREME to improve Advertiser participation and benefits and increase inventory sales without undertaking any technical involvement, costs or financial risks. Programmers need only to permit AdStamps to appear on their channels/screens and sell AdStamps associated with their inventory.

DISTRIBUTORS can simply enable DOOREME on their system/STBs at no risk and at minimal cost. They can choose to sell AdStamps associated with their own share of ad inventory. The only consideration Distributors have is the speed of consumer adoption, not necessarily consumer acceptance.